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This is no joke. :iconheadfirstrock71:HeadfirstRock71 0 1 Sunstinger (no etchings) :iconheadfirstrock71:HeadfirstRock71 3 3 Star Wars: Silus Telrhan's bone mask :iconheadfirstrock71:HeadfirstRock71 1 0 Bionicle: The Infinity Worm :iconheadfirstrock71:HeadfirstRock71 2 0 Bionicle: Zepher's Akaku (gift) :iconheadfirstrock71:HeadfirstRock71 7 3 Tiny technic star destroyer. :iconheadfirstrock71:HeadfirstRock71 6 1 Bionicle MOC: Beholder :iconheadfirstrock71:HeadfirstRock71 3 5 Bionicle: M'azzal (request) :iconheadfirstrock71:HeadfirstRock71 4 3 ONUA update 3 :iconheadfirstrock71:HeadfirstRock71 15 3 Bionicle: you have a bite... (Gift) :iconheadfirstrock71:HeadfirstRock71 9 2 Club penguin :iconheadfirstrock71:HeadfirstRock71 1 0 Bionicle MOC: Daude :iconheadfirstrock71:HeadfirstRock71 10 9 Bionicle set mod: Kopaka :iconheadfirstrock71:HeadfirstRock71 13 3 Bobble Bythalis :iconheadfirstrock71:HeadfirstRock71 1 2
Bionicle: Mataora Chapter Nine- The Storm
Chapter IX "The Storm"
~near Tesara, Present day
Mirdel arrives at her house hours after sunset. She shuts the door silently behind her, and creeps up the stairs. Her room is silent and dark as she lies on her bed. She puts the mail on her bedside desk and she does her best to fall asleep.
When she starts to drift off, she hears footsteps walking up the stairs, toward her room. She holds her breath, hoping this is just a dream. The foot steps grow louder. She shuts her eyes. Louder. She bites her lip. They stop. The door creaks open.
"Mirdel," whispered a voice.
She looks over to see her father, Takanuva, peeking though the door.
"What is it?" Mirdel asked.
"Where have you been?" Snapped Takanuva.
"Kalda and I went to get mail, but there was... a delay."
"What do you mean by delay?"
Mirdel sits up in bed and Takanuva sits next to her.
"The courier supposedly found the Ignika."
"What?! The mask of Life?"
Takanuva sits there in awe as Mirdel explains what happened.
:iconheadfirstrock71:HeadfirstRock71 3 3
Bionicle: Mask of Night Vision (request) :iconheadfirstrock71:HeadfirstRock71 6 8


The Gavohkah :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 181 27 Hunters and Hunted, CH1 PG 36 :iconsaronicle:Saronicle 25 31 Knights of Unimos :iconfirestormthedragolf:Firestormthedragolf 7 19 Ekimu, The Mask Maker (2.0) :iconmrbolttron:MrBoltTron 203 29 Boltrax/Bythalis (2.5) :iconmrbolttron:MrBoltTron 109 26 Lewa, Master of Jungle (2.0 version) :iconmrbolttron:MrBoltTron 154 20 Agemo Alfa, The Peacemaker WIP 05 :iconmrbolttron:MrBoltTron 171 47 Mask Of Metal :iconlegometal44:LegoMetal44 26 11 Not Your Average Droid :icondisturbulator:Disturbulator 57 13 DNovel Concept - Templar of Hell :iconllortor:Llortor 49 8 Just Try To Take Me On :icontoa-niretta:Toa-Niretta 7 17 Kalee, unmasked :iconiseijin:Iseijin 132 25 The Spirit Guard :iconlegometal44:LegoMetal44 9 6 Kapora Poses :icontoa-niretta:Toa-Niretta 10 7 Thug life Xur :icondulcamarra:Dulcamarra 111 26


I don't believe they actually did it.…
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Hello, fellow humans (and non-humans). I am an Aspie with all kinds of fandoms.
If you have any questions, then don't hesitate to ask.

These are some awesome folks I know: :icondisturbulator: :iconking-cyan: :iconlegometal44: :iconllortor: :icontamaniscookies: :iconcyberzepher: :iconbioniclefuzzymelon: :iconhoody23: :iconibionicle8v: :icontoa-niretta: :iconjoshuaasd: :iconthedinosaurgirl7: :iconatlasavion: :iconventum-mittens: :iconforgeta: :icondusupatroopa:
And my sister, :iconkalda-12:

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